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upholstery Cleaning Service in Superior, WI

Our upholstery cleaning services will help keep your furniture properly maintained. Keeping your furniture clean can keep children and pet’s safe from germs. Our expert team is effective in getting out difficult stains, scratches and marks from your favorite furniture. In residential homes that are mostly carpet, things like dust, pollen, food crumbs and dirt will end up on the couch and other pieces of furniture causing difficult stains. You can try to remove these upholstery stains on your own, but you risk the chance of further damaging your upholstery.

Superior Carpet Cleaners uses ONLY the highest quality products that are safe for your family and your PETS! We can help remove the hardest pet stains and smells with just 1 visit. Call us today and ask about our carpet cleaning special offers. 715-634-0137

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Upholstery cleaning services are also important to the life of your furniture. We offer a wide variety of upholstery maintenence sloutions that can save you money. Depending on the type of furniture and the setting it may be
in, commercial or residential. We also specialize in cleaning your business office upholstery and furniture. Call us 1st and save big on upholstery cleaning in Superior Wi.

We can setup a plan specially for your upholstery cleaning needs. Our expert technicials will deliver the highest quality work and takes pride in making sure your floors are absolutly beautiful!

Superior Carpet Cleaners offers a wide variety of services and packages. Call us today for a FREE QUOTE and let us save you money on ALL your floor cleaning needs! Ask us about our weekly specials and coupons and save!